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Horny Female

I am 38 years old. The mother of 4 beautiful children, and Grandmother of 2. I am currently separated and going through a divorce of a 13 year marriage. I am looking for friends to help occupy my time, and if someone peeks my interest well then that's your luck! I'm a GREAT catch and I know it! I know what I have to offer!!! ;) Swingers ridgecrest ca I don't do one night stands! So DON'T ASK!!!!!! I was approached by someone telling me that this was a SEX pick up site!!! Well, I did NOT know that when I mistakenly signed up for it.

.. But have since then met a FEW, and let me STRESS that, FEW descent men still left out there!!! U know, there are some real SICK BASTARDS out there and if you're one of them reading this, well I hope you're FUCKING COCK ROTTS OFF FROM AIDS!!!!!! But me, I'm just plain 'ol me!!! I don't care to tell it like it is! I'm BIPOLAR! YES! I said it! I LOVE It! It's FUN! It's CrAzY! But it's what makes me who I am, and that makes me the funnest, CrAzIeSt DaMn BiTcH you will EVER meet in your life!!! Don't let the sweet innocent looks fool you! Cuz I'm a ROYAL BITCH!!! And I KNOW and LOVE it!!! But I still DON'T SLEEP AROUND!!!!!!! That is for the FUCKING 9th AVE WHORES DOWNTOWN!!!!! I can name you one in particular if you would like!!! ROFLMFAO!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! DAMN! I'm on a ROOOLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! LOL! This is some funny ass sh!t right here! Oh and BTW! I will flat out BEAT UR FUCKING ASS if you ever try to force your way on me!!! I AINT SKEARED!!!!!! Been there, DONE THAT!!!! Aint afraid of NO DAMN BODY!!!!!! ANY QUESTIONS YA'LL??????????? Now let's see who STILL wants to CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

swingers ridgecrest ca, with photo.

Looking to meet new friends

I enjoy the outdoors and staying active. I like going out to eat and social drinking. I travel often for business and pleasure. I have been through a lot and I'm looking for a new group of friends to hang out with and cut loose.

Though I say I'm active the laid back style of Key West still fits nicely into my life at times.I'm looking to meet like-minded women between 24-45. (there may be exceptions) She must be fit, honest and easy going.

Not looking for drama or head cases at this point in my life. I enjoy a woman that can lead a normal day but then have a wild or free side to her when the timing is right.

To the point we wake up the next day laugh and piece together what just happened last night. Please contact me if you are real, do not ask me to join any websites. I travel the entire state of FL.

I also make frequent trips to Jamaica, Key West, Las Vegas, Ohio, Michigan, Mass. and occasional trips to California.

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Swingers ridgecrest ca

Hi im a down 2 earth female who likes 2 get down 2 pleasing other females only i already have a man so not looking 4 any of those i love 2b pleased orally and please orally i love thetase of sweet cum all over my face if ur interested in wanting 2 know more leave me a message and i will get back 2u shortly mwa Swingers ridgecrest ca I want a girl that has no drama and knows how 2 lick me and will enjoy letting me eat her out and i like girls who enjoy moaning alot.

..i have no prefrance on body type or race or age just very clean adult fun if u never been with agirl b4 i can b a wondeful 1st time experince im very entl and sensual.

. not looking 4 a relationship just frinds with payful benefits cum get some if u want some

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Bored in cypress, someone bring the party :P

Brown hair, blue eyes, your basic tall dark and handsome kind with a sweet side to cuddle and love when the time is needed. I have very big hands since I'm a tall guy, 6'4 to be exact. Anyone want to put them to good use? They love giving massages and holding things.

;) I have a cute Half Chi, Half Italian Greyhound puppy, hope you like dogs and are not allergic. I love kids and been told I'm really good with them, I want some of my own some day, especially a little girl to protect and laugh, they're so adorable and smart my brother has a son, and still me and him are still trying to sneak him out for fishing trips without his over protective mother saying no no no.

...... I love to tinker with pcs and electronics, and is a pretty big part of my life. I love my family, and keep in touch, and I don't believe having too many friends is a bad thing.

I grew up in Baytown and now live in a beautiful apartment out in Cypress and love my life. I love being outdoors, especially fishing, camping, sightseeing and going to movies and eating out is great.

. Want to know more? Ask for it. :)My dirty side thinks...Some good fun with an amazing chick, I want to make you scream in pleasure with my tongue and leave you begging for more with my dick.

I want a dirty girl who wants to be pleased every way possible and return the favor, someone I can make my queen. I love going down on you for hours if you desire. Such taste should never go without being licked.

My sweet side thinks...I'll be there for you when needed, and do my own thing when you want. Fun loving and very playful, love to cuddle every chance I get. I don't bring drama, I bring myself.

Someone that would love to fish or camp with me and enjoy time out and away just as much as staying in and cuddling up for a movie. Wanna meet them somewhere in the middle?

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Horny Female

enjoying life to the fullest. whatever that means! lol for real just like learning new things.. Swingers ridgecrest ca Sexy, Funn personality, Get at me!;)

swingers ridgecrest ca, view photo.

Swingers ridgecrest ca

People this is truly how I feel... I am just me. I am a real genuine person, But I fail like all of you. I never make a claim to be perfect. But if you want the best I have to offer which I believe and others have told me, is that I am really a wonderful friend and an awesome all around person, then you must acept I come with baggage just like you! Some is worse or less than worse than yours but still, I won't judge your past if you love me despite mine.

I'm not a con, a felon, a thug or anything of the sort but I love my friends. I would take a bullet to save anyone of them and if it is in my power to do so I will help at whatever cost to make sure they are happy, healthy, and safe! Does that make me a fool? Nope! And those of you who have real heart know I am not lying.

I am now divorced! I am a very lovable person. I have my quarks and whatnot but other than that, it's all good! But since most of you want to know more.

.. I am loyal women who want sex, wife swapping to a fualt, I expect my friends to have integrity and be honorable people who have good heads on their shoulders and know how to do the right thing for themselves and those around them.

Friends that are caring and are there for you when it all goes to hell. I am very off the wall in who I am. I am not like most people when you peel back the layers of my character.

Yes when you first meet me I am about as normal as you can imagine but when you get down to it I am genuinely just me and I am very unusual in my mannerisms and how I treat most people.

But I try to get along with most everyone I come across so it's not like I am a snob or anything or look down on everyone or judge people cause that's not what I am about either. I am just wanting 1 special woman to really look at me for who I am and not what they want to see.

I have alot to give that one daring woman who can handle me for the lovable, sometimes very affectionate person I can be.

I wanna meet anyone who thinks they have a strong sense of character. They have to have integrity and honor and heart! I want a woman who has a huge heart and doesn't want to fight all the time.

Someone to keep me on my toes mentally and emotionally but not a domineering woman who feel she has to bring me down to make herself feel good. I am from the old school of thought that gentlemen are to open a ladies door for her and treat her with the utmost respect.

Now I admit I'm not perfect but I am working hard and learning more everyday!

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Someone to satisfy me whilst i'm home

24 year old royal marine.I've got 6 months of energy saved up so i'm a bit hyper at the moment.Like going to the football,playing football,but like most of us my favourite hobbie is going out and drinking! Swingers ridgecrest ca In an ideal world i'd go for a dark haired girl but whoever said the world was ideal? I've got a soft spot for an Irish accent aswell.

I just wanna weet someone who likes the same kind of things and likes to look after herself physically.Must have humour!!!!!!!

swingers ridgecrest ca, view photo.

Horny Female

I AM single (some assume I "must" be married, but no...I'm not). In fact, thanks to my self employment and comfortable life, I am VERY available and can adapt to where / when you need me. You DO, need me, right? :) I am looking (at this point) for a play partner.

Maybe I cook you a lil dinner (OR, just eat you for apetizer, THE main course, and of course...dessert. Yes, Im VERY oral and WANT to go a long time.

Okay by you?) "Whoa, ease up dude". Okay, back to the R rated plan...share some drinks....throw us into the jacuzzi tub with a fantastic view of the Beaverton valley. OR...float away for a weekend (or longer?) to somewhere sensually beautiful, to be pampered. be filled with excitement. Are YOU ready for some real fun? Please be as serious as I am, times slippin by...... Swingers ridgecrest ca In good shape, in good attitude, into good times.

Like to laugh, want to get wild, tired of s that aren't worth the effort. MAYBE...something goes from there, or, not. Its Spring!

swingers ridgecrest ca, view photo.

Always ready for wet...

Im a 21 year old Art student at The Art Institute. Im 6'1 200 lbs. I enjoy music, reading, and the sound of a womans voice. For years, in preparation for my career, I have been studying anatomy, this has given me the unique love for the female body, in all shapes and sizes, additionally, I would love to experience them all, as I feel that I have something to offer those women who are interested california swingers, ca wife swapping in discreet relationships with a man who loves to, and knows how to give a woman a pleasure that is without equivocation.

Even in these no strings attached situations, I will display the utmost respect and connection. I must add that I am in a relationship and my partner is aware of my intentions, however we have different sexual desires.

I look forward to hearing from you.As stated above, I am an art student, studying human form, and I would love to experience first hand, the form of different types of women.

I am an unparalleled lover and I am searching for anyone who is seeking countless hours of pleasure.

swingers ridgecrest ca, view photo.

out for a good time

i am easy going i like to have a good time and i am looking for those that like to have fun. Swingers ridgecrest ca i am looking for those that like to go out and have fun. ||| Site Map